Living the double life of an eye doctor by day, crazy girl in the kitchen at night and full time food fanatic. I eat, I bake, I cook, I travel, I write, and I occasionally perform exam eyes here and there.

I started this blog in 2013 as a way to catalogue and share recipes. It slowly evolved into a true blog to not only share what I’m cooking up in the kitchen, but also a creative and writing outlet for me to share my experiences as a student, doctor and traveler. I am a lover of not only food and travel, but culture, language, history and people. I find the people I meet and talk to on my travels are completely fascinating and much better than any instagrammable photo-op.

I hope The Eyesing inspires you to eat the world and share my love for food, travel and life. So feel free to browse around and read my musings and try a few recipes. Don’t be afraid to leave a question or comment either!


– Viv

To follow me and my food expeditions on Instagram: EyesingonTop



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