San Sebastián: A pintxo of food heaven

There is a lot to love about Spain. Picturesque little alleys teetering with elegant little balconies, grandiose, towering cathedrals, sun kissed golden beaches, the vibrant culture and people, the perfect mix of old and new….it never fails to impress me. … Continue reading

Hungry for Hawaii: 10 Things to Eat in Oahu

For centuries long, Hawaii has been not only an American, but a worldwide tourist destination. Today, its streets are littered with gigantic four and five star resorts, packed beach coasts of crimson red bodies longing for the golden tan, and men suited in … Continue reading

Spicy Lemon Ricotta Pappardelle & Zucchini

The first warmth of spring is a beautiful thing. It brings everyone out of their wintry cocoons, peaks of first farm vegetables, bustling parks and farmers markets, drunk underaged loud spring breakers….ah yes, spring is definitely my favorite season. But let’s focus … Continue reading