San Sebasti├ín: A pintxo of food heaven

There is a lot to love about Spain. Picturesque little alleys teetering with elegant little balconies, grandiose, towering cathedrals, sun kissed golden beaches, the vibrant culture and people, the perfect mix of old and new….it never fails to impress me. … Continue reading

No Kitchen….SOS…..

Our kitchen is having some major construction overhaul and I’m dying from all the eating out I’ve been doing…..the Hat, Chik fil-a, California fish grill….My wallet is slowly thinning and my thighs are slowly fattening up. They just finished the plumbing construction, but still leaves us with a hole of wet concrete. However, at least I can use the kitchen now which is a plus. I just have to hope I jump over the wet concrete and don’t miss. But stay tuned for some banana crunch muffins from all the ripened bananas I didn’t eat over the construction period!